SFD035 Ambra vs Lara
Foot Torture

Lara is a mean and strong girl who has a thing for feet… she loves to torture Ambra’s toes, twist her ankles, bend them into impossible positions making her scream and cry in pain. Lara has great fun doing so and she is excited and has a cruel grin on her face at all times. Poor Ambra starts in ankle socks which are removed during the match. Lots of foot and toes torture, plenty of close ups of Ambra’s lovely feet which get completely destroyed by Lara’s fury.
It’s a totally one sided match: Lara is by far too strong and has her way with Ambra’s feet from the beginning to the end, using any kind of illegal hold, even stomping her ankles to break them!
Ambra must beg for mercy several times to convince Lara to stop… but just to start over again with a new move! Of course a long excruciating spectacular figure 4 leglock cannot be missing from this video (with some toe biting for good measure).
Once Lara has finished with her victim, rendered almost unconscious from the unbearable pain, she cannot find a better idea than waking her up and striking a victory pose on her, planting her foot on the destroyed and helpless looser’s head and face for the final humiliation.

Duration: 20 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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8 thoughts on “SFD035 Ambra vs Lara
Foot Torture

  1. Good one. I like fights in which the loser cries. Though it’s a pity we don’t see her face when she is crying. Good acting in this one. More fights with crying losers, please.

    1. Hi Travis.
      Thank you for your comment. We are already taking in consideration your request and more tears are going to appear on the girls’ cheeks soon 😉
      Of course, you are welcome to send your custom video request in case you are looking for something more specific.

      1. Hi Ric. Just bought and seen. Is it possible to script a “rematch” with the same two girls? … I’ve something in mind.

      2. Hi Francesco and thank you for your comment. Of course it is. Please let us know what you have in mind using the form at the customs page or emailing us (anche in italiano se preferisci!)

  2. I have an idea for a custom video. Can you have a young 20 something yr old brown skinned black girl sitting in a chair fully dressedin a t-shirt blue jeans colorful socks and a pair of worn black reebok freestyles. Blindfolded and hands tied behind the chair. Another wonan of any race fully dressed wearing timberland boots. She starts by standing on the tied girl’s toes gradually leading into stepping on them. Finaly using her heels she steps hard repeatedly on her toes causing her to cry and beg her to stop. Full length of video 20 minutes. Would that at all b possible??

    1. Hi Steven. Thanks for your comment. Well, it is doable, however there is not much wrestling in it… will get in touch by email! Thanks!

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