SFD033 Andrea vs Ambra
Test Of Srength

Ambra’s at home waiting for Andrea. A slow, and intense test of strength challenge is up! The girls have a long staredown, shake hands… and start with sort of a standing armwrestling! A sexy and involving sequence of tests of strengths will keep you glued to the video. Eyes in eyes at all times, breathing heavily, the girls keep fighting to determine who the better woman is. Soon they take off their shoes and engage in a fingerlock mercy fight. Then they undress to their sexy underwear and start pulling each other’s hair as hard as they can… a double bearhug will follow, and else, until they realize they are evenly matched.

Duration: 22 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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5 thoughts on “SFD033 Andrea vs Ambra
Test Of Srength

  1. Definetly do more of the finger test of strengths(the one at the end, not talking about mercy/fingerlock) in future ToS videos. Only the 2nd video I’ve been able to find that’s shown it, would love to see and buy more, as well as more diverse body part ToS competitions such as feet, tongue or nose. Great work regardless, cheers.

    1. Hi Anthony and thank you for your comment… Everybody’s curious to know more about the “tongue ToS”, could you please explain how that would work?

      1. Nothing official, just a name coined for it, but the example I would use and the idea I got it from is searching “Tongue wrestling with Andrea” on clips4sale and watching the 10 second preview. There would need to be more worked in than what’s shown in the preview obviously, with the emphasis really being on tongue wrestling. Fetish Cuties and Dani Picas are two other studios where I’ve seen this, but haven’t presented it in a believable”fight” scenario, which I think it’s missing out on. You guys do a great job a lot of the time on the girls having animosity and seemingly genuine effort where you believe the girls are really trying. Other studios where I’ve noticed potential ToS types usually lack that and would love to see what they’re doing, but how it should be presented.

      2. Thanks Anthony for your answer. Will check this “toungue wrestling” out and who knows 😉

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