SFD030 Andrea vs Marco

Andrea uses her agility and speed to catch Marco in a series of headlocks and then squeeze him hard in a scissor or smother him with her breasts or rear-choke him. Marco is not much taller than her, he’s got muscles but doesn’t know much about wrestling and most of all he’s slow and ends up spending most time trying to break free from Andrea’s holds. Andrea has also some trouble keeping her top on, which adds another couple of interesting aspects to the video…
When he starts to get tired Andrea has fun showing an impressive number of well executed techniques and dominates the match all the way through to the final victory pose.

Duration: 19 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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6 thoughts on “SFD030 Andrea vs Marco

  1. I love Andrea! She’s the best!
    One question: Are the “nip slips” also censored in the final version?

    Cari saluti

    1. Hi Julian. It’s not surprising that Andrea is the favourite of many!
      About this video, I am not able to check right now, but it seems to me that the full version is not censored for the simple reason that there are too many nip-slips! But don’t tell anyone as this is supposed to be a non-topless video 😉
      Let us know how you liked it.

      1. Purchased it. It’s FANTASTIC! And there are are A LOT of nip-slips indeed.

        Besides the fact that Andrea is a stunning Italian beauty, I love how relentlessly she fights and doen’t give a shit about her boobs hanging out. You could let her fight in a Minikini and she’d still fight like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe that’s an idea for a future scene… 😀

        10 Stars for that video! Great work!

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