SFD029 Ambra vs Robi

Ambra is seeking revenge on Robi for beating her friend Andrea in a previous fight. She declares a “no rules” fight, and gets punched in the face by Robi as an immediate answer! The fist fight is on! Ambra dominates with lots of punches to the chin and face, kicks to the back and belly especially¬† when Robi is down to inflict even more damage. Robi gives up and asks for a fair match, no low blows.
Ambra agrees and a wrestling match begins. Tons of spectacular front and reverse scissors, triangle chokes, strangles, rear choke holds, some leading to KO. After some time Ambra pins Robi down and she gives up… but with a sudden move, she eye-gouges Ambra and has her in a rear nacked choke hold! The match continues in a back and forth struggle until when Ambra KOes Robi with a punch and wins the match! Then Pins her to the wall and strangles her making her beg for her life. Robi’s answer? As soon as she is released, she knees Ambra in the belly and starts punching her repeatedly to KO! Then wakes her up and foot-chokes her with a humiliating move. A final strangle makes Ambra pass out and Robi is the winner!

Duration: 18 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD029 Ambra vs Robi

    1. Hi Max. We usually put in the videos what the sponsors want to see. However, face punching is becoming more and more common. As an example, most of the fake blood videos feature face punching.
      Feel free to send a request for your “face punching” custom video, anytime! ūüôā

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