SFD019 Venere vs Zoe
Test Of Strength

Venere and Zoe are friends, but have an argument to settle. After a 10 minutes intro where they look for each other, undress, have a staredown and get ready… a test of strength challenge begins! It will be a long series of tests of strength, sexily performed by the two beauties: bearhugs, double scissors, and double chokes… leaving them totally exhausted.

Duration: 25 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD019 Venere vs Zoe
Test Of Strength

  1. As a fan of Staredowns, Test of Strengths, Bearhugs, and Scissor holds, this match seemed to have it all. The eye contact was probably the best part of the match, both ladies glaring at eachother in the staredown.

    + Storyline
    + Business Attire to start out
    + Staredown
    + Good Eye contact throughout a lot of the match
    + Bearhugs looked realistic, both struggled hard to get out of it when they were in the bearhug. Loved the lift up, with them using their legs as scissors while in the bearhug.
    + Mutual double scissors and squeezing
    + Chokeholds
    + Excellent video production and quality
    + Both wrestlers played the roles well

    – No actual “Test of Strength” (fingerlock)
    – No struggle in the business attire before taking it off
    – No clear winner
    – Not always “belly to belly”

    Over all, would rate a solid 9/10. The staredown, eye contact, bearhugs, struggling, scissor holds, and excellent video production quality made it a great match up!

    1. Hi and thank you for the complete review.
      Glad to see that you liked the video so much! About the cons that you listed… don’t forget that all these videos are custom videos, so all what you see was done to answer specific requests made by the customer, including the “no clear winner” situation.
      I hope the photo galleries help making the right choice, showing a victory pose when there is one… and so on 😉
      Also please feel free to make questions about the videos in this section, as this will help others to choose. We try to answer quickly to each message.
      Hope to see you back as our customer!

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