SFD014 Ambra vs Robi – Antibullying

Robi is a bully and Ambra her smaller and younger favorite victim. After training and taking self defense classes, Ambra is back for her revenge! Robi is caught by surprise and dominated by a cruel and unstoppable Ambra who has great fun teasing and taunting her while inflicting pain via several wrestling holds. Robi is kicked, punched, put in boston crabs, strangles, sleeper holds, scissors… she is repeatedly belly punched by a relentless Ambra enjoying her vendetta until a final KO leaving Robi completely helpless under Ambra’s foot in a proud victory pose.

Duration: 12 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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4 thoughts on “SFD014 Ambra vs Robi – Antibullying

    1. Travis, your love for crying girls is not shared by everyone. Whenever a custom wants a specific feature in a video, they ask for it in their custom video. You are invited to do the same. And – whenever there is a crying looser it is mentioned in the description of the video.

  1. Ciao, sono un vostro fan. Non sono ancora abbastanza grande da poter fare acquisti online. Ho bisogno di questo video per capire come difendersi non potreste caricarlo ad esempio su YouTube

    1. Ciao. Il video è un video di fantasia, non contiene alcun insegnamento di utilità pratica. Credo che se il tuo interesse è trovare informazioni su autodifesa ci sia molto di meglio su internet 🙂

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