SFD011 Robi vs Lara – Test Of Strength

Lara and Robi are doing pushups, comparing their bodies and muscles. Soon a challenge is thrown and a series of tests of strength will be used to decide who is the stonger of the two! Fingerlocks tests of strength, forehead to forehead… breasts pushed against each other, shoulder to shoulder. Then Lara and Robi start a sexy battle on the mats, trying to pin each other and keep the opponent down, belly pushed on the other’s belly to prove their superior strength! Scissors, schoolgirl pins, chokes, excruciating strangle holds, breast smothers and bearhugs… even hairpulling! two sexy perfect bodies fighting until the last drop of energy.

Duration: 30 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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11 thoughts on “SFD011 Robi vs Lara – Test Of Strength

  1. For a movie without an actual “fight,” there certainly is plenty of feminine aggression happening. This is probably one of the sexiest female combat-related videos I’ve ever seen. The camera work is truly outstanding. And, my goodness — are these ladies off-the-charts gorgeous! Well done!!!

    1. Thank you Bob. This is part of a special series of videos filmed for the same sponsor with very specific and unique requirements. Glad you liked it, there will be more of the same.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous and sexy wrestler you have in Robi.
    Somehow her face , her eyes , her nose , her body and her muscle , hence even her haircut remind us of the cute Monika from Foxycombat

    1. You might have noticed that we had Zoe from the same company starring in some IFW videos. And more matches are yet to come!

  3. Just wondering if we can expect some more matches/events with Modelswrestling’s wrestlers in the future.

    1. None is planned for the moment. For some reason we like to see new faces whenever possible…

  4. This match is very good! The women are excellent and very beautiful. I never seen such great muscle tone on so slender bodies. They are both very fit!
    The camera angles are superb. And the holds were long enough for every angle to capture the greatest moments.
    I would recommend this to everyone who is interested.

    1. Hi Charlie. Thank you for your comment. Yes the girls are extremely fit and skilled, and the director is a pro (from the music videos clip industry). He is a perfectionist and it shows. I hope you also appreciate what we are doing at the other website IFW, where matches are competitive and catfights are… wild!

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