SFD010 Robi vs Andrea – One Sided

Andrea takes the heaviest beating of her life from Robi. She scissors her, chokes her, applies painful backbreaker and bow and arrow holds, repeatidly punches and knees her in the belly, even KOes the poor helpless Andrea and then wakes her up for additional punishment! It’s a one sided bout where Robi ruthlessly drags her around by her hair as the final utmost humiliation.

Duration: 26 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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11 thoughts on “SFD010 Robi vs Andrea – One Sided

    1. Hi Mark.
      Most of what you see on Sexy Fight Dreams is scripted, however all the girls are trained in competitive wrestling (see http://www.italianfemalewrestling.com) and – as you can probably tell looking at the preview clips – the action is pretty realistic also here on SexyFightDreams.
      Please leave your comment in case you decide to try any of our videos. Thank you!

  1. Seeing Andrea getting her ass kicked so bad by that cute Robi is so hot, i think Andrea is so hot, really pretty face and nice body, and her legs are just super hot..seeing Robi beat that pretty face and those super nice legs was hot. And seeing Andrea get knocked out, that was to much….like to see more of Andrea getting her ass kicked and getting knocked out as she is wearing a mini skirt, tan color hose a button down blouse and white knee high boots(boots that come just below her knees) or white pumps,and the other girl is wearing the same.

    1. Hey Mac, glad to know you liked the video.
      We can make your fantasy come true without any problem, check the custom videos page and let us know if you want an estimate for your idea.

  2. Is it just me or has Andrea gained a noticeable amount of weight?
    To be a competitive wrestler, she needs to maintain a better physique

  3. Gran video! Non me ne voglia Robi ma Andrea è bravissima! La prossima volta spero in più sleeper hold e ko!

    1. Franco says: “great video! I don’t mean to be unfair to Robi, but Andrea is extremely good! Next time I hope on more sleeper holds and KOs!”

    1. Hi. All SFD videos are at least in part staged/scripted, so not everything you see here is “completely real”.

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