SFD009 Andrea vs Ambra

Ambra challenges Andrea to an hairpulling catfight. The girls go at each other’s hair like crazy, pulling and yanking without a break! They even exchange bites and slaps, until the moment when one of the wrestlers has enough and leaves the room, leaving the other as the winner!

Duration: 23 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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18 thoughts on “SFD009 Andrea vs Ambra

    1. Hi Ricky.
      Thank you for your purchase and comment, you will see more of the kind! Also the new girls like Lara and Sabrina will be starring in our SFD videos soon… keep following us!

  1. I pretty much love this company and this fight looks like it’ll be one of my favorites to watch. The girls are amazing and the action and attire is always thrilling to watch. I am a leg scissor fan and to see them constantly fighting with them was a treat in this clip. I would also love to see if you could do one that featured the dueling double head scissors as well. That hold I think is a great test of leg strength vs pain tolerance fight. Thank you for all the great work you guys produce!

    1. Hi Johnny,
      glad to see you like what we do!
      If you are a leg scissor fan you will not want to miss a series of double leg scissor fights that we have in store.
      The double head scissor is also a great idea, why don’t you consider a custom video? Take a look here: http://www.sexyfightdreams.com/custom-videos/

      1. Hi, did you create any more double leg scissor fights? These are my number 1

      2. Hi. Double body scissor contests, with 2 cameras fixed on each girl’s face and upper body to capture facial expressions and legs action at the same time. We have some which will be released, one day. Honestly I am not able to tell you when…

    1. Hi Ricky and thank you for your comment. You can always drop us a line and I’ll let you have a quote for a custom video.

      1. +1 for a catball! This video made me think of that as well.
        Also, are you guys willing to accept customs taking a more erotic turn? For example an erotic catfight turning nude at some point with some kissing and grinding as the fight goes on?

      2. Hello Alex.
        We are always open to consider custom requests here, however topless or any kind of nudity are not an option. Let’s say that we like to give you a lot of good material for your fantasy to work on 😉

  2. LOVE IT ! Mia vs Andrea vs Ambra would be a fantastic Round Robin match. Did Mia retired !? An amazing catfighter !!

  3. Very very good , I m a leglocked rolling fun and really enjoyed ! Very easy to purchase and have it in your device!As I can’t afford ask for my owndream match I just hope that there ll be some day a match combining leglocked rolling in skirts ,knifes and blood ( fakes off course )!! Thanks SFD keep up the good fantasy work with these astonishing girls !

    1. Thank you Petros!
      Keep following us… we have some video with girls rolling in skirts and shirts, not sure about blood and knives altogether though… Keep follwing us!

  4. This is real hot. Sexy but NOT pornographic. A good tight conjoined body locked catball catfight. I have sent an idea for a custom.

      1. I replied once again and provided more details in line with your standards

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