SFD007 Ambra vs Andrea – Belly to Belly

Ambra and Andrea fight in a belly to belly style, meaning that most of the time their bellies are pressed against each other in a full body press, in a cross body pin, or a grapevine… or a double head scissor! Or any other hold… even a spectacular matchbook pin by Ambra. And she will pin Andrea for the final count, then move on humiliating her with a breast smother and muscle posing while straddling her in front of the camera. Belly fans, don’t miss this sexy video!

Duration: 29 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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10 thoughts on “SFD007 Ambra vs Andrea – Belly to Belly

  1. How bout a catball rolling catfight between Robi And Andrea or Stella. that would be very Hottt!!!!!

  2. Surely the best video released here at SFD until now.
    And that matchbook pin by Ambra is priceless, I liked also the final humiliation that makes Andrea seem ridiculous while showing Ambra’s superiority.

    1. Hi Jack.
      Thank you, I agree that this is a great video… and little Ambra is a true star! 🙂

  3. I’m wanting to sponsor a f/f(belly to belly) match.Must be a semi-competitive wrestling with 2 slim women.
    IFW custom page says: Girls available for IFW Private Fantasy are: Andrea, Robi, Victoria,Ambra, Stella,Giorgia
    SFD says : Ambra, Andrea, Asia,Caterina, Lara,Robi,Sabrina,Stella,Venere
    Only one of the girls is slim – Robi. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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