SFD006 Andrea vs Ambra
Fake Blood

Ambra and Andrea face off in a wild, no holds barred, violent fight. Punches, eye gauging, knees to the groin… anything goes! The girls inflict wounds to each other and are soon covered with their own blood. It gets more and more messy and they almost kill each other in a very realistic way. If you like the idea, you’ll find here a messy, savage, merciless fight between two sexy beauties and very good actresses!

Duration: 25 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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8 thoughts on “SFD006 Andrea vs Ambra
Fake Blood

  1. Great video, and although fake the girls performed brilliantly to make it seem real. !!! Fantastic work girls……..very hot !!!!!

    1. Thanks Tom.
      That’s why we say that SFD is “where female fight fantasies come true”. The girls are all trained in wrestling and they often prove to be very good actresses as well. Of course shooting such a custom video takes time, a very good director and proper lighting. Also we make use of “real” fake blood from the film industry which helps making everything look very realistic.
      More of the same will follow, stay tuned!

  2. Incredible video. Great shooting, great effects, and extremely well acted. Kudos to both ladies for their performances. More vids like this please!!!

    1. Thank you Mitchell. More fake blood videos will be released in the future, however you can always order your own tailor made custom…

  3. I look forward to more videos like this one. The girls are exciting and fearless. They are also mean, and the victor is spiteful. I especially appreciate the lack of banter. I do not need to hear a girl whining about bleeding, as they do sometimes in other producers’ videos. The screams and cries of emotion and pain in this video, however, is nice.

    Two potential areas of improvement: 1) a more realistic origin of blood flow (as opposed to, say, just a cut to a scene where a girl is being kneed in the belly with a whole bunch of blood–just for the sake of more blood), and 2) there could be a little more exhaustion shown by both girls toward the end.

    Overall, this is a winner; if you like female fist fights, do not hesitate to order this.

    1. Thank you for your words.
      Your suggestions are well noted, also consider that this was the first of a series of “fake blood” videos. You will see more of the same!

  4. This video is absolutely fantastic. The girls are super-hot. And the acting is great – not cheesy or over-the top like a lot of other production companies. I think it’s safe to say that SFD makes the best fight videos in the biz. Thanks to all involved for the work! Oh, and ask Ambra is she wants to marry me.

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