SFD002 Robi vs Andrea

Robi and Andrea challenge each other in a terrific fight where the target of their attacks are their feet, toes, ankles and knees. Each of the wrestlers tries to force a submission out of the opponent inflicting her as much pain as she can, twisting, bending, biting the other’s feet and toes.
You will see Andrea screaming in agony for the unbearable pain, Robi almost in tears, both sexier than ever in this a one-of-a-kind match. A true joy for the eyes for every feet lover around! Robi is finally defeated and is humiliated by Andrea, gloating in victory.

Duration: 21 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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7 thoughts on “SFD002 Robi vs Andrea

  1. Awesome video. The actor skills of the girls are great. Very high Definition and perfect sound.
    Normally i buy Indi wrestling video and dont like catfights, but this is very great 50% pro content 50 % intense fight.

    WOuld love to see much more videos like this

    1. Hi Steffan. Thank you for your comment.
      ALL videos published here at Sexy Fight Dreams are custom videos ordered by our clients. Please follow the link to know more and possibly consider ordering your custom 😉


      1. Please more customs requests like this! 😉
        A good sponsor is taking care of that. There will be more like this one as long as you guys keep ordering such “foot torture” videos!

      2. The “foot torture” vids most often feature what you are looking for, but if you want the girls to focus on that and the second camera completely dedicated to closeups of the bent/twisted toes, well, you’d better send a request for a custom video. Thanks!

  2. This video is soooo much more than just a foot fetish fight. Leg’s are worked over as well. And the girl’s sell the hell out of the action and look hot, hot, hot the whole time. Thank you Robi, thank you Andrea, thank you to the director and everybody else involved. And thank you to whoever invented the bikini!!!

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