New girl: Michela!

Michela claims to be a badass!
She burst in and claimed she’s ready to kick everybody’s butt. So let’s see how you guys see her, and what you have in store for Michela. Is she going to dominate or you’ll make her beg for mercy in front of the other SFD girls? Your next custom will tell. More about Michela on

3 thoughts on “New girl: Michela!”

  1. I liked the idea of explain if the girl available for face settings , foot fetish , … , etc
    but I would like if you add their availability to mixed wrestling too

    1. Hi Zaid. Thank you for your comment and the very good suggestion, I’ll have the availability for mixed wrestling information added as soon as possible!

      1. Thanks man , most of them are available for mixed and this is great 😉

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