Lara & mixed wrestling!

Our top female wrestler Lara has finally accepted to fight guys as well! She is ready to consider your script for an outstanding mixed custom video… Lara promised to be even more cruel and mean than usual! Can you picture that? Make your fantasy come true…


6 thoughts on “Lara & mixed wrestling!”

  1. I already ordered one mixed custom with Lara and it was fantastic, I’m sure it won’t be the last one

    I highly recommend all SFD fans to try it and they won’t regret

  2. Why does every mixed match have to be a custom video ? They don’t sell as much as f/f matches ? If that’s so, you should reach the f/m fans, there are plenty of them out there, many studios produce only or mainly f/m stuff and they sell extremelly well.

  3. Could you please make a comment section in Italianfemalewrestling too. Just how It is here. That would be awesome.

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