SFD047 Sara vs Sabrina

A super confident Sara strips to her underwear, which looks perfect for a facesitting match, and promises a lesson to the young Sabrina. She keeps boasting all the time, also during the face to face interviews before the match where Sara says she can’t wait for the “final bonus” where the winner will be allowed to humiliate the loser the way she likes most.
Immediately after the first 4 minutes round begins, Sara has Sabrina in a smothering facesitting, planting her firm ass on her nose and mouth… followed shortly by a reverse facesit. She is in complete control! It seems it’s going to be a one sided match.
But the following falls will be a different story: Sabrina starts using her scissors, headlocks and superior technical skills while Sara will try to react how she can, less and less able to fight back as she grows weaker. Sabrina gets her revenge and enjoys keeping her opponent under her ass much longer than the count to 5 for long terrific, humiliating facesittings after each point!
There is room for dirty tactics, belly punching, biting, hairpulling, even socks-strangling!
The final bonus is where Sabrina gives her best, mocking up Sara all the time during the worst humiliation ever for her, forced to stay still and take all the punishment, almost unable to move.
Just wow!
Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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