SFD037 Andrea vs Venere

Caterina, Andrea and Venere will take part in a 3 matches smother-only tournament (no scissors allowed), of which this is the second match. There is a long introduction to the whole tournament, with 5 minutes of face to face interviews.
Venere is taller and heavier and immediately puts Andrea in a smothering facesitting! She keeps enjoying the match taunting and making fun of Andrea. It looks like it could be a one sided match, but Andrea won’t let the bigger girl trash her with facesits and breast smothers.
The match goes back and forth, plenaty of sexy smothers of any kind, including some hand over mouth but mostly breast smothers (sometimes combined with the grapevine pin), figure fours and terrific front and reverse facesits!
When Andrea traps Venere in a neck scissor and hand smothers her, she has no chance to break free, is rendered helpless and is finally forced to give up the match.
2 minutes for Andrea to humiliate her, with a foot on belly victory pose which Venere refuses to take and makes Andrea very upset. The reaction by Andrea is a full weight facesitting covering Venere’s mouth and nose until she almost passes out. And she is ofrced to take even more HOM smother… sexy as hell!

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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