SFD028 Lara va Ambra

Ambra’s destiny is to suffer trapped in Lara’s deadly holds, mostly rear chokes and figure four body scissors, but also body slams, bearhugs and more. But she small wrestler is one of those who never give up… and Lara needs all her strength, technique and aggressiveness to make her submit. And Lara loves to see Ambra suffer, chocked or crushed, as you can easily tell looking at her mean smile, while she teases her. Don’t think it’s a one sided bout as Ambra is trying to fight back at all times, but then Lara lifts her and repeatedly slams her back to the mats, to show who’s the boss! A beautiful match, where Lara poses as the winner on an exhausted, defeated Ambra after an awesome, pauseless fight! Lots of trash talking and teasing throughout the video.

Duration: 18 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD028 Lara va Ambra

  1. Needs more hair pulling, boob grabbing, high heels, nude……………no fingernails either, to bad.

  2. ricevuto da un cliente il 23 Aprile 2016:
    “Spettacolo stupendo.
    C’è stato di tutto:convinzione, aggressività, determinazione senza superare il limite del non consentito come mosse.
    Ma se anche Ambra (che davo per vincente) ha perso, chi potrà contrastare la perfida (nel giusto contesto) Lara?
    Cambieranno i vertici di potere?” DM

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